For the love

 I grew up in Sonoma California in a house filled with music. My parents were both classical musicians and teachers. As a teenager I began my creative exploration through improvisation and writing and singing songs. My love for music has never been completely stereotypical or genre specific. I could be described as a musical chameleon! I moved to LA In my early twenties (2011) and became fascinated with music of the 1970's, which sparked my affinity for the contemporary pop sound. I've been fortunate enough work with great musicians such as the band Venice, Mickey Hart (grateful dead), Jack Johnson, and many others. Over the last 10 years I have explored many genres and have been blessed to learn from great musicians from all backgrounds and walks of life. As a performer as well as a composer and producer, I draw from a lifetime of apprenticeship. Life and music have been a journey that are one in the same, each day is a new chance to create something beautiful!